Intelligent Cybersecurity Engine (iCE)

DEFEND has built a Cloud based automated SIEM/SOAR platform to enable the monitoring, measuring and management of your entire operating environment.

We work as part of your extended team and plug in to feed threat intelligence from your current solution and respond/validate the threat or incident information.


Our Services & Solutions

Detects threats and responds to security incidents from the cloud

Threat detection

Leverage analytics driven SIEM, machine learning, and correlation to detect threats in the modern IT or hybrid environment through a unified tool

Incident Response

Custom alerts, benchmarking, automated ticketing system, and integration with SOAR tools to automate your incident response

Continuous Assurance

Reduce audit costs by maintaining compliance with internal and external standards (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR etc.) with unified logging, continuous monitoring, and automated retention policies.


How It Works

A cloud security analytics platform that provides security intelligence for your hybrid environment.

DEFEND iCE can be your first cloud SIEM, replace your legacy SIEM, or co-exist with your existing SIEM solution.

Paul Natac - Heart Foundation

“Defend NZ engaged with us at a time where Cybersecurity was close to non existent and our information was not secure and we were vulnerable. In only a few months, our Cybersecurity maturity exponentially increased and credit has to be given to the Defend NZ team”

Dean Navarro Jr - AIA/Sovereign

“In the midst of a very important strategic move, AIA New Zealand has developed a partnership with DEFEND. This is to have access to experienced Information Security Consultants to help build the security capability and maturity of the organisation.”

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