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Ready for Anything

There is a very famous military unit that lives by this very moto, it is this moto that drives this regiment to prepare and plan for unintended scenarios and to ensure it has a considered response against unknown attacks. The exceptional New Zealand NCSC operates with a similar discipline and they have developed a catalogue of essential material that will help organisations prepare a response against what is often and un-identified attack scenario.

Check this out: https://www.ncsc.govt.nz/guidance/

Another great resource is the CERTNZ website: https://www.cert.govt.nz/


SHERLOCK Officially Launched

The DEFEND Advanced Threat Management Platform has offocially launched with this first in New Zealand proactive threat management service.

SHERLOCK allows organisations to integrate their own Threat Intelligence feeds for a holistic management service that provides meaningful data to prepare or respond to known threats.

For more information contact us at info@defend.co.nz



DEFEND iCE joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. 

DEFEND, a Microsoft Gold Security Partner, has been added to the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) with their managed security service iCE (intelligent Cybersecurity Ecosystem), built on the Microsoft Security platform. DEFEND iCE was developed to empower customers to rapidly adopt, deploy and use secure cloud services.  It consists of a series of nodes that interlink and enable customers to gain a holistic view of their security posture across the entire breadth of their threat landscape, focusing on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 environments. DEFEND iCE has been delivering value and peace of mind to many customers, and now by being inducted into MISA, it is possible for many more organisations to improve their cybersecurity posture.  

DEFEND iCE delivers an end-to-end threat management capability that is aligned and integrated with customers business processes and focused on protecting their digital and physical assets. DEFEND iCE provides a modular ecosystem that embeds, complements, and strengthens existing capabilities to deliver a decisive response to cybersecurity threats in real-time providing the right level of protection and response. 


DEFEND Intelligent Cybersecurity Ecosystem (iCE)

Security operations is often distilled into SOCs, CSIRTs and SIEMs. The reality however is that security operations encompass a wide practice within an organisation that includes proactive engagement and support to the wider business rather than just incident management. Particularly in New Zealand where roles are shared, it is necessary to ensure that the correct functions are assigned across an organisation and maintained. It is therefore very important to acknowledge that DEFEND iCE is not purely a SOC service but is there to establish, maintain and operate the security practice within an organisation. Like the CSO service, some roles and responsibilities will be carried out by the customer or by other third parties and not just by DEFEND, but the important thing is that all these roles are defined and assigned. A function of cybersecurity should also be to provide the tools that empower users to make smart cybersecurity decisions within their day-to-day activities while enhancing productivity by allowing new tools to be utilised. 


“If you make security difficult, people will find a way to work around it. Security should be an enabler to support the business to move and execute faster. Microsoft 365 and Azure security technologies have enabled DEFEND to enhance the cybersecurity operations market with our aggregated iCE (intelligent Cybersecurity Ecosystem) service. This service helps customers uplift their cyber resilience and better protect themselves against the ever-changing threat landscape to protect their business holistically across People, Process & Technology”. 

Nigel Everett – Chief Executive Officer | DEFEND 


Vanessa Sorenson, Country Manager, Microsoft New Zealand said, “Microsoft is pleased that DEFEND has made this service available to our customers, as it ensures they can use Microsoft Security products to enable their business to proactively and rapidly deploy secure services, rather than traditionally securing deployed services.” 

Kia Kaha – Strength in Unity 

Vanessa Sorenson – Country Manager, Microsoft New Zealand 


DEFEND iCE will assist with the ongoing management and operations of security within an organisation across a range of different nodes which can be deployed depending on the customer requirements: 

Incident Management – Managing and coordinating the response to cybersecurity incidents. This can be delivered at three levels of incident response, incident handling and incident management. 

Security Service Management – Providing day to day operations and oversight of the operational cybersecurity function within an organisation. 

Vulnerability Management – Monitoring and managing the coordination and response to cybersecurity vulnerabilities performing a range of internal and external scanning. 

Security Services & Platform Management – Managing the deployment and ongoing operation and lifecycle management of cybersecurity platforms with a focus on Microsoft 365 technologies but the ability to support any security system. 

Threat Management – Being aware of cybersecurity threats and coordinating appropriate responses. This includes Announcements, Threat Advisories, Maintaining Threat Level Awareness and Dark Web monitoring. 

Modern cybersecurity operations require an evolution to achieve a “shift left” paradigm. This must be shift left that supports the organisation end to end, where cybersecurity operations are not a pillar outside of the organisation. Without business context and awareness, the required outcomes cannot be achieved. This needs to drive the natural evolution and increasing maturity of standardisation, optimisation, and automation. 

DEFEND has proven capability and experience in building, architecting, and delivering managed security services to some of New Zealand and Australia’s largest organisations, with veterans in the industry with over 15 years of experience. DEFEND itself has been designed and built with the understanding that: 


All organisations are slightly different and have their unique aspects. 

Cybersecurity needs to cover the entire organisation and that there cannot be any gaps. 

Existing technology and service investments need to be integrated and cannot just be replaced. 

About DEFEND Limited 

Established in 2017, DEFEND is an award winning independent and agnostic cybersecurity partner that provides outcome-oriented services and lead capability practices for customers. 

DEFEND support and assist customers to ensure they have access to the best people, process, and technology to mitigate and reduce business risk from cyber-attacks. DEFEND are a specialist threat protection, intelligence and detection company providing services at a global level and are heavily focused on user-centric threat management solutions.  Our objective is to attract only the most credible and capable people to join our team. We ensure our customers have a safe pair hands to call upon proactively and reactively in their time of need. 


Customers choose DEFEND services because we: 

  • Understand their threat landscape. 
  • Delivery a rapid uplift in cyber resilience. 
  • Empower their organization to leverage automated security technologies. 
  • Maximise existing investments and integrate DEFEND iCE services to add value. 
  • Deliver holistic outcomes across people, process, and technology. 

DEFEND are proud to be named as ISANZ Cybersecurity Start-up of the Year 2018, ISANZ 2019 Company of the year and Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards 2020 winner for Modern Work and Security. 


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