Building a

Cyber Resilient

New Zealand

We are 100% focused on Cybersecurity

Security Assurance

Knowing what you have and establishing situational awareness is the key to creating an effective defensive strategy.

Vulnerability Prevention

DEFEND Vulnerability Prevention services provide a responsive, and scalable managed security solution across your organisation 24x7x365.

Detect & Respond

DEFEND ICE service provides 24×7 Monitoring, Measurement, and Management of your entire environment to enable your organisation to profile effective controls that secure the business

Connect & Protect

Secure Services Before Security Services

DEFEND provide end to end cybersecurity services to improve your resilience across People, Process & Technology. DEFEND is a business centric technology company that enables customers to improve speed to market and customer credibility.

Control what you measure…

DEFEND protect most of New Zealands organisations of National Significance. We provide referencable methodologies that articulate current resillience against agreed project and investment criteria. 

Core Services

See how DEFEND can help protect your business to build a cyber resilient culture across your organisation.


Secure Code is essential to organisations internally developing applications or content. Ensuring your external providers. are operating to proven and trusted frameworks and methodologies. by capturing and reporting this  process is critical.

Secure Cloud

DEFEND have partnered with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 to assist and enable our customers to move to and leverage multi-cloud products and services securely.

Security Solutions

DEFEND provide end to end cybersecuirity services to holistically protect our customers.  Get defended with DEFEND

Our Approach to Security

DEFEND is an award winning company that has proven to support and assist many of New Zealand organisations of National Significance.

We focus on a number of verticals that includes Government, Enterprise, Commercial, Health, Utilities, Manufacturing, Service Providers along with a deep dive into IT/OT convergance to protect critical infrastructure and services.

Paranoia vs Empowerment

Cybersecurity is not something that can be done to you, it must be done with you.

Empowering our customers to understand the threat landscape and the risks faced within and across the business is an enabler that  our customers to launch new products and services faster and with reduced cost complexity.

DEFEND iCE Services

We offer DEFEND iCE (intelligent Cybersecurity Engine) to enable our customers to deploy and utilise analytical engines and automation to provide threat intelligence that monitors the business 24×7 and with minimal human interaction.

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