Who we are

We are Aotearoa, 
New Zealand’s award-winning cybersecurity leader.

Run by a team of over 160 experts, our purpose is to make sure every dollar invested in cybersecurity provides the most effective and measurable return.

We partner with a range of international and local organisations, including governments, multinational enterprises, and SMEs. Together, we forge lasting relationships to effectively navigate the evolving digital landscape.

At our core, we’re determined to power up cyber resilience and we believe that the journey begins with both individuals and organisations.

For us, this means we’re not just genuine about helping companies become more cyber resilient, we’re genuine about helping people become more cyber resilient.

Join DEFEND in securing our digital future.


We want to rewrite your perception of security – it’s not about selling a product, but about collaborating to create solutions that achieve business outcomes.

A common misconception about cybersecurity is that it’s only about mitigating the threat of an attack. We see cybersecurity as safeguarding availability just as much as it is about protection. For us, cybersecurity is maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and the availability of your organisation’s assets.

Here’s what we stand for:

Cybersecurity is not done to you; it is done with you. We believe in delivering great security outcomes, through innovation and thought leadership. We view cybersecurity as an enabler for your business and we will simplify complexity. By joining you on your cybersecurity journey, we ensure that we work collaboratively to accelerate your increased cyber resilience.


We develop business-enabled, resilient services before delving into security services. Our goal is to ensure that security enhances user experiences rather than hinder them.


We understand the need to provide financial validation and justification. When we work with each customer, we address the need for security by showcasing the tangible benefits, as well as the potential financial repercussions of a breach. That means you have transparency in your security investment at all stages.


The Defend Way

Building lasting cyber resilience requires an understanding of your organisation, the threat landscape and your security effectiveness and maturity. Through this, it’s possible to build, improve and maintain the controls to continuously improve.

No matter where you are on your cybersecurity journey, DEFEND has services that will provide meaningful outcomes back to you.

The DEFEND Way is our commitment to excellence in everything that we do.

It’s us working together with you openly and transparently.

It’s us ensuring that every investment you make in cybersecurity is focused on the best possible outcome and return.

The DEFEND Way is our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

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Person using laptop with security overlay graphics


With a large team of cybersecurity specialists, coupled with our unbiased stance towards suppliers, DEFEND has both the breadth and depth to assist with any implementation of cybersecurity technologies required.

From minor adjustments to comprehensive overhauls, we’re ready to safeguard your digital environment’s integrity.

Our expertise spans various phases, encompassing novel technology integration, optimal configuration setups, and seamless transitions for both cloud and on-premise landscapes.

Our Partnership with One NZ


Through our partnership with One NZ, we have been able to enhance security features across their network, ultimately contributing to a heightened level of safety for their customers.

By leveraging the Malware Free Networks Capability from our partners at the National Cyber Security Centre and applying this to One NZ mobile and broadband customers we strive to deliver on our commitment to building a cyber resilient Aotearoa.

This means whether you’re utilising One NZ services for broadband or mobile, our customers enjoy an additional layer of security at no extra cost.

Together Stronger.